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ANIME J-POP Concert: Hironobu Kageyama + Yoko Ishida + Yumi Matsuzawa + Yuka Muraishi

Posted by AOJ on March 18, 2006

Last Sunday I went with my sister to a JPop concert! My first ever! :D

It was held at the great Razzmatazz concert place at 20:00h (but it started half an hour later because technical problems -that’s what everybody waiting to enter was saying-).


That was my second visit to Razzmatazz in my life, and it was exactly as I remembered (although It’s a pretty dark place).

What to say about the artists? Absolutely brilliant! ^o^ All of they have a very very good live sing! They didn’t sing whith their respective groups this time, but another spanish group played all the music they need. They group was called Contra Banda or something similar, I don’t remember exactly …

We will rock you?

When Hironobu Kageyama appeared in the stage, all the people exploded of emotion and started to scream and jump. He was the star of the night; there is a notorious Dragon Ball and Saint Seya fanbase in Spain. And it was demonstrated! The most popular songs that made Kageyama famous worldwide, were heard. It’s amusing to see how good he looks in the stage moving around, jumping and singing, because he isn’t certainly young. Also we know that any of the singers was doing playback, because during a moment in a Kageyama + Yuka song one microphone broke and well … it was evident :p

Yoko Ishida
perfomed some of her famous songs too, but I really really liked her ParaPara dancing. I took a lot of short clips with my digital camera (unfortunately they are very short :( ). I like Eurobeat style music, same as all Jpop/Jrock, and seeing a live performance is priceless! The two Yoko american dancers did a great job too.

Yumi Matsuzawa, ahhh she is lovely!! She is much more beautiful than I expected! (as seen in some photos from the net). Mostly she sang very good slow and sentimental songs. Now I have a new idol to follow :D. I’ll post a link to this message in her personal blog, I hope she will read this writting ^_^. (Are you reading this Yumi?? :D Please put a comment down here and you’ll make me very happy!!)

Yumi we love you!!

Yuka also performed her popular songs too (some from Dragon Ball with Kageyama singing too). I think in every song she was wearing a different outfit according to the song she was singing. I liked the little plaits look :)

Yuka charging up

Finally they all sang Doraemon anime opening theme, it was a nice ending for a great concert!

I’m looking forward to see them in Spain again in another concert! As I read in Yumi’s blog, they liked the tourist visit of Granada and Barcelona surroundings :D. Or maybe I’ll see them again in Japan, if they do some kind of national tour in October. That’s when I’m planning to go to Japan, hehe.

See you soon! ^_^

If you want to see more videos and photos of this event, go to my youtube profile and my flickr. Feel free to post your coments! Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I add another funny video and a link to a photo. Appears Hironobu Kageyama showing us the fuet and the jamón slices that public throw give him as gift. The photo shows a strange Kageyama shot :S. Yumi recieved a gift: a heart shaped candy, but I couldn’t take a pic :(


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